Cameron Bootie

Graphic Design

Jasper, TX

Artist Statement


Innate Ingenuity


Creativity is not a narrow path that is traveled once. Creativity is a plethora of different roads that are waiting to be traveled and the most interesting thing is that these roads lie dormant inside of every human. The roads of creativity that I have traveled down are Graphic Design and Illustration. I have used these roads to solve design problems and to create elaborate stories that capture an audience and entices them to fully immerse themselves in my art. As a graphic designer I have two visions. My first vision is to create designs that catch the attention of the audience by helping to communicate information in an effective way. My second vision is to illustrate stories that are filled with excitement that will have the audience wanting more. My influences are comic books, Eastbay catalogs and sports magazines. Whenever I do not know how to illustrate or design something specific, those are the first references that I turn to. I study individuals who have more experience than I do at designing and illustrating. I notice how they create their layouts and compositions and I draw inspiration and knowledge from them. As a Graphic Designer I want people to look at my designs and illustrations and want to see more. I want my creativity to be clear and visible in my artwork.

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