Jakaela Willis

Graphic Design

Lafayette, LA

Artist Statement


To me, being a graphic designer is all about the ability to observe and create high quality content that speaks to the objected audience. Learning about graphic design has also taught me to get creative and think outside the box. I mainly specialize in advertising and publication design, but also dabble in illustration. I enjoy using lots of images and color to represent the brand itself, as well as the overall tone/vibe they give off. For me, color is a way to create a sense of harmony.


When stepping into a project, I start off by seeking out information about the overall concept, the audience and other brands alike. I continue my research process until I am able to understand every detail and firmly grasp the aspect of what needs to be done. Doing things like creative briefs and creating mood boards are always a great help to me in my design process. Doing these things allows me to come up with multiple ideas. Once ideas are formed, I go through the process of elimination to see what fits best. After reviewing with the client, with their feedback, I am able to come up with the best possible visual solution.


Being a graphic designer gives me the power to attract attention to tons of subject matter and help businesses thrive. I feel that it is my true purpose as a designer to lend a hand to the ones that go unheard or unseen. And with my skills, I do just that.

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