Kaitlyn Langley


LeBleu Settlement , LA

Artist Statement




Time is something that has always played a large role in the world. Almost anything that we do is based around time. Anything that has happened in the past or that is going to happened in the future is also linked with time. With time, things will tend to break and fall apart. When things are broken though, we come together and attempt to mend these things. This is a repeated process of recovery that is constantly happening to something or someone.


In my photographs, I explore the time that has passed after hurricanes Laura and Delta. While showing what had happened right after the events, I decided to photograph the healing process of that as well. Originally, I was only going to take photographs of places that were destroyed or heavily damaged around my home. After seeing everyone come together to fix our surrounding area though, I wanted to attempt to show the brighter side of things that has happened after these events. This has turned into an ongoing process to show the time that has passed over these last few months. I returned to areas after a certain amount of time and see how they’ve improved, whether the images are days apart or even months. These photographs show that things can get better overtime. Even if only a small number of things have changed, it is still progress.

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