Kennedy Jones


Moss Bluff, LA

Artist Statement




As humans, we are all built of components that work together to form our identity and internal makeup. It is in our nature to embody the expression of these components. Often enough, we are in need of the space to do so freely. I’ve chosen to photograph six individuals, exploring the relationship between their voluntary and involuntary expressions. I have done this with the aim to create a space for their individuality to fill a room.


Over the course of multiple shoots, each person is photographed in phases highlighting specific expressions. One phase explores the facial expressions that are involuntarily shown in the midst of vulnerable moments and intentional conversation. Another phase focuses on voluntary expressions by compositionally emphasizing the body, clothing, and behavioral interactions each individual shares with their environment. With each shoot, the individuals are given the space to represent themselves, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Although I work with the subjects to maintain technical aspects during the shoots, they have freedom to choose how they are represented.


The formal concerns of my study are simple and natural. All photographs are shot as high-key portraits. They are shot with a medium format camera using black and white film. The black and white film is personally processed and developed with intentionality to contrast and structured composition. This allows me, the artist, to include a personal touch–my own form of expression–to the photographs without interfering with the pure individuality provided by the subjects.

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