Larry Reed


Lake Charles, LA

Artist Statement


The body of work is used to show that problems caused by the hurricanes back in August and October of 2020 haven’t completely gone away yet, despite the amount of time that has passed. The photographs show debris, various household objects, and structures that are still in disarray. Six months later, people are still cleaning up their homes and lives.


The images in the body of work also show the personal journey I’ve had from after the hurricanes to now, attempting to adjust to a new life amidst all of the chaos that has surrounded and became our lives. The photographs also show a sense of displacement people felt, and are possibly still feeling, after the hurricanes. Each photograph captures the fact that debris, household items, and structures aren’t in the state or in the place where they originally were. Each photograph also captures the fact that everyone that has been affected by the storms is doing one thing: rebuilding amidst chaos.

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