Myles Ferrell


Houston, TX

Artist Statement


All images that I have taken for my senior exhibit are in the media of digital photography taken from my digital camera and phone. The main intent of my photographs is to show off how people handle their day-to-day activities during the coronavirus pandemic. With the new normal, people have to wear masks everywhere they go, making sure they always wash their hands and sanitize after touching a single object. I also want to show how these changes effect companies as they now offer the many contactless options, along with children now having to learn to social distance from their friends or even limit their contact with people all together. What thankfully allows me to take all these pictures is that with the use of my android phone, I can take candid pictures, and not have to worry about disturbing a perfect shot for a photo. On each of these pictures I feel confident about them as I manage to capture the way people handle the new norm with a different range of emotions of either happiness, melancholy or just indifference. I hope with these pictures that I may show people the many things that have had to be changed due to the virus and that these moments are never to be forgotten.

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