Nathaniel Watts

Graphic Design

Westlake, LA

Artist Statement


When I started creating art as a young age, I really enjoyed the time it took to create images and plan everything out. Creating the art, the process, illustrating graphics to the designs and working with composition.


As I begin designing, I search for my materials then continue with the process of creating several drafts. After, I apply a style to the reference so that it’s totally different from the original. In doing so, simplifying the pattern or texture and keeping it graphically appealing is how I create the vectors or graphics to my designs. I also create a more transformative look my design. In this, I’m not reprinting the image detail for detail and avoiding copyright.


When it comes to my body of work, I create graphic design content such as magazines, posters, and advertisements to suit the needs of the business, working with InDesign and the layout of text. I also create images by hand or make vectors and bring them in to the design so that everything works together. Finally, ordering my content with the art elements at hand, I finish my design.

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