Sarah Fontenot

Graphic Design

Denham Spring, LA

Artist Statement


My imagination has always been an incredible driving force in my life. Being able to put pencil, brush, or fingers to paper, and bring an idea to life, is as inspiring to me as it is for my audience. The unique ability of an artist to bring into existence new, fanciful worlds, and to push the boundaries of our own world, is what motivates me as a designer.


Illustration allows me to express this drive and I try to integrate some element of it in all my work, both in traditional illustration and product design. Although I tend to gravitate towards a figurative, gestural style, I think it is important to be a well-balanced designer, adaptable and intuitive. Having a mind to listen and being able to cater to the unique expectations of every project or client is paramount to achieving the most impactful end result. I love exploring the new possibilities that ever changing technologies and mediums provide, and have developed a wide range of styles and techniques over the years. My flexibility in style and medium allows me to prioritize my dedication to creating communication that captivates and inspires others.

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