Savanna Boudreaux


Hackberry, LA

Artist Statement


Connections Within


My life consists of a few things: painting, dancing, livestock, family, and work. With that being said, those few things mean more to me than anything else. I am very passionate about what I do in my life and how it effects the people around me. This series of oil paintings on canvas are a representation of each of those things. They define me as a person and as a painter by giving visual aids of the emotions I have for these landscape pieces created using multiple colors of oil paint blended with several painting mediums.  Each individual piece should grab your attention and show you some of myself but also should grasp a personal connection of your own.


Look deep into each landscape and truly let it persuade the emotions it makes you feel. Let the green grass of Cameron Parish sooth you, the way I let it sooth myself. Let the damage from the hurricane bring you back to the state we were all in after the devastation brought upon us. Connect with the darkness of the piece with falling pedals and allow it to bring out the sadness within, to feel how I was once feeling in a period of my life. Be consumed by the curiosity brought out in the piece of the mystical rainbow forest, that represents the magical land I imagine myself dancing at every time I perform. Let the simplicity of the gesture like pond of my grandparent’s beautiful land, that was destroyed over the years, bring you back to a memory of home. Be intrigued by the wooden barn in the middle of the autumn forest, that represents the barn I once made a name for myself in, in the livestock industry. Lastly, appreciate and rejoice in the spirit and happiness of the place we all love and share right now…, McNeese State University. We may not all have the same life but we all can appreciate, connect, and relate to each feeling portrayed in this series.

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