Susan Quibodeaux


Rayne, LA

Artist Statement


Growing with Gaia


Gaia, female personification of the earth, is my inspiration for this series because she selflessly aids and nurtures me in my growth and experience as a human. She does this by listening to me, keeping me company, balancing my emotions, and nourishing me. The feelings of being invisible, alone, and not heard have always been present in my life. From Gaia, I receive love, energy, life, company, strength, calmness, balance, and solace. These nourishments help me grow mentally and emotionally.


Feeling the warmth of the sun gives me comfort and energy. Feeling the flow of the water makes me feel free and strong. As I watch the plants dance in the wind, it makes me feel less alone. Gaia is my best friend, mother, and sister. She makes me feel calmer, stronger, more loving, and more alive.


My earth-tone palette creates the feelings of calmness and comfort that Gaia makes me feel. The organic shapes and curves symbolize earth’s femininity and softness. My soft brush strokes aid in these feelings as well. The nourishments of energy, love, life, strength, and everything I acquire from nature are shown from the vibrant, intense colors of the plants and water. The plants symbolize my mental and emotional growth that Gaia helps me achieve through our connection. The water symbolizes the stability and support earth gives me. This series shows my connection with nature and earth as I grow from the gifts I receive from her, as well as show my gratitude for the love, nourishment, and everything else she selflessly provides to me.

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