Valerie Mendoza

Graphic Design

Lake Charles, LA

Artist Statement


“Less is More”


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Those are words of Leonardo da Vinci, and words that my art lives by. I hope that my works give the viewer the leading direction for which the path it takes them. I feel it is my responsibility as the designer to be the communicator between the idea and the viewer.


Traveling inspires me, but not because of nature. So for example, living in the south, everything you see (design wise) just about has to do with country living, farming, agriculture, horses, cattle, etc. (you get the picture). However, when you go to Chicago, you dont see any of that. One thing this proves is that design is about awareness. Awareness of the viewer (target audience) and the message being conveyed.


I lean more towards type-based designs. I do like to add simple graphics along with them, but not to distract. If I am using pictures I typically use the least amount as possible just because I feel they can be distracting from the design itself. One thing that is most interesting to me is the research part of art and design. I find it interesting and I really enjoy comparing things. I like to research how something has been done before. For example, if I am designing a logo for a clothing company, I research what logos look like for other companies (especially the known ones) and find key elements that make that logo what it is. Whether those elements are various typefaces, color, graphics, etc I take that research and apply it to the new logo I am creating. I want the logo to be competitive and comparable to others. I think it is important to always conduct research and see what competition is out there for your design. Along with research, I like to take old ideas and put a more modern spin on them. Another approach I like to take is if I see something that is very busy or too distracting I like to challenge myself and make it simplified, clear, and less distracting. Simplicity with sophistication is my ultimate goal in designing to get a clear and concise message across to my audience.

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